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Jul 27

Six photos that I like of myself within the last year…. Tagged by pulchra-tenebris

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Jun 23


 Cutie Pon! 

So cuuuuuuute….. But what’s with the Bret micheals look…..?

Jun 18

[PHOTO] 140618 Shin Sungwoo Instagram Update "my brother. We are 1."

My nine year cousin told me that sungwoo-shi looks like snoop dog…, I can’t stop laughing!


[PHOTO] 140618 Shin Sungwoo Instagram Update
"my brother. We are 1."

My nine year cousin told me that sungwoo-shi looks like snoop dog…, I can’t stop laughing!

May 29


TORAshi was playing with his chair ….. and then …XD

May 28

Daizy boys with my banner….. Got to love them
Photos by naoadays

May 28

Two new banners to add to my craftiness! One for back-on at anime USA last year and one for daizystripper at anime north last weekend! Love making them love giving them to these great bands!

May 15

Have Heechul make his own company and take everyone from SM in.

May 15


So let me speak my mind and clear my soul.

I’m a lot older then they rest of you that are posting but that doesn’t make the shock and heartbreaking numbness less real. But it makes me look at the bigger picture. And this might be a jumbled mess of thoughts but here it goes….

Kris is a smart man and whatever he is doing he fully aware of his actions. So I assume he knew what the hell he was getting to when he signed that contract. He was there training in 2010 when all the shit with jyj and hankyung was going on. It should come to no surprise what being an celebrity is. The sleepless nights and no privacy is in every celebrities life not just Korean idols.

Also this betrayed their artist needs to stop. Sm is a business and like any business they make their decisions base on money. Get over it. If you think they are the worst company look at Japan’s company like Johnny’s or PSC. Hell last year one of the girls from akb48 got caught with a boyfriend and had her hair shaven off while being filmed and it was placed on YouTube. This is On top of making less and be way overworked. So really if you think sm is evil, their not the worst and never will be.

Also with shinhwa crap can we stop with that too. They left at the end of their contract. The sued to get their name and song rights, which in every way belong to sm. and they still go out with sooman, and call him.
I wouldn’t call it that.

But let’s not forget their are 11 other people that are effected by this, and for that I can blame kris. Anyone who has been on a team know that one person mistake, choice can effect them all. In this case it there job and their dreams. I can understand their hurt and anger. I mean can’t you?

I get it really I do. I want exo to stay 12, I want them to be happy, I want kris to be my chicken is not my style galaxy art loving douseng forever. But life happens and dreams don’t always stay.

I want us to stop blaming sm because even if it is their fault, what difference is going to make. We are calling them bully’s yet right now are we any better?

Instead let’s smile, even though we our crying. Let’s let exo see that we love them and support them. Let’s keep reaching towards the future with them and holding their hands.

Let’s love
Let’s keeping on loving
We are one
We will always be one
Exo fighting!!

May 14
May 06


how to peel an egg

Learn from the master !! XD

I need this for Easter …….